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Clara Andriola – Executive Director

Clara Andriola began as Executive Director of the Reno Rodeo Foundation in 2015.

A 30-year Reno resident, Andriola was a small business owner of the largest technology training company in the region and was the President & CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors Nevada Chapter. After many years in the business world Clara decided to dedicate her time to nonprofit work and became the Regional CEO of the America Red Cross Northern Nevada Chapter.
“I really wanted to do something to give back to the community,” said Andriola. “Everyone knows the Reno Rodeo. How can you be in Northern Nevada and not know the Reno Rodeo. It was just a perfect fit for me.”

“Clara is just an outstanding person,” said Mark Elston, 2015 President of the Reno Rodeo Foundation Board of Directors. “She’s been doing great things in the community for a long time and she’s going to be a great fit in this position.”

The Reno Rodeo was founded by community volunteers in 1919 and in 1986, the Reno Rodeo Foundation was founded as a way to formalize the tradition of giving a portion of the annual Reno Rodeo net proceeds back to the community. While the Reno Rodeo Association and the Reno Rodeo Foundation are two separate entities, with two separate governing boards, the dedication to help Northern Nevada is equally shared through the heart and soul of member of the Reno Rodeo family.

Since its inception, it has contributed millions of dollars to college scholarships, youth charities and capital improvement projects. Among its capital projects was the building of an indoor riding facility for the special needs students at Marvin Picollo School and an activities center for the youngsters at the Kids Kottage. The foundation annually hosts the Reno Rodeo Denim Drive, which collects new clothing for children in foster care and protective custody.

Clara Andriola works with the Reno Rodeo Association volunteers, known collectively as Team 355, who participate and promote the rodeo at scores of events throughout the year. “It’s amazing when people are giving their time and their talents and serving the community just out of the kindness of their hearts. My focus is to continue to provide the community with all the great support the Reno Rodeo Foundation has given it and is looking for other opportunities to do more.”

Andriola is dedicated to supporting and serving the Northern Nevada community.

She is currently a member of:

  • Chamber of Commerce Reno Sparks Leadership 2017
  • Rotary Club Sparks Centennial Sunrise, Marketing Chair
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals Sierra Nevada Chapter

Served in leadership roles as:

  • Council Member, State of Nevada Apprenticeship Council, Labor Commissioner appointed
  • Commission Member & Past Chair, State of Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education, Governor appointed
  • Board representative and founding member, Nevada Board of Plumbing Examiners
  • Board Member, Nevada Governor’s Workforce Investment Board, Governor appointed
  • Board Member, Academy of Career Education High School
  • Member, American Society of Association of Executives

Clara is married with two grown sons. She loves adventure and will be participating on the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive for a 2nd year. She is an avid cook, enjoys gardening, skiing and spending time with her family.