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Rodeo License Plate

Whether you’re registering a new truck, car or trailer or renewing your current registration – ask for a Rodeo License Plate!

The Rodeo State Charitable License Plate provides a significant source of funding for the Reno Rodeo Foundation and the Nevada State High School Rodeo Association (NSHSRA), as the charitable proceeds from this license plate are shared equally between these two organizations. The Rodeo State license plate is one of the most popular charitable plates in Nevada and we hope you’ll choose to proudly display it on all of your vehicles and trailers!

How it Works

The Nevada DMV registration fees from the sale of the Rodeo State charitable license plate directly support the Reno Rodeo Foundation’s scholarship and community grant programs.

The initial fee for this plate is $62, ($37 for the license plate fee and $25 to be divided equally between the Reno Rodeo Foundation and the NSHSRA). The renewal fee is $30, ($10 for the license plate renewal and $20 for the support of the Reno Rodeo Foundation and the NSHSRA). Just ask for the Nevada Rodeo State License Plate when registering or renewing your vehicle registration at your local DMV office.

Learn How to Get Reno Rodeo License Plate
Reno Rodeo License Plate
‘The Rodeo License Plate helped me become a doctor.’
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